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Bring It On
The Surpised Shipwreck Survivor
Dr Doolittle
Lone musician on the Left Bank of the Seine, Paris
Little Darrell with his Little Dog in his Little Boat
Paddy, Edie and Goldie
Bathers at Dusk
The Sad Gondolier
Happy Trails
Antique Dealer in Shop Window, Venice (with photographer's reflection)
A Flock of Nuns, Pisa, Italy
Bush Sawmillers
Bush Sawmillers 2
The Long Walk Back
Rodeo Riding (How Not To)
Beach Family, Tasmania
Swimmer in the Surf Baths
Dan and Will
Lone Rower
Where Did Everybody Go
Little Darrell
Andrew. Waiting. North Hobart
The Nowhere Man
The Sad Gondolier 2
Spitty Jim
Man, Dog and Railway Line
Lone Priest Walking Down Back Alley, Rome
Dan Read
Let's Dance
Phil the Tuner
Rodeo Riding (How Not To Two)
Go Your Own Way
Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Your Hands Upon the Wheel
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